Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Monica (Courteney Cox) are dunzo as BFFs?

The rumor mill is at it again.  Rumors are swirling around the web that Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox have parted ways as best friends.  The reports are conflicting but the jist of the matter is that Jennifer is mad at Courteney for prancing around and dancing around David Arquette and playing mind games with him when she should be filing divorce papers.

“Jen thinks Courteney is acting callous by running around with this guy but refusing to file divorce papers. Like she’s playing mind games with David.”

Reports got out of hand and have reached Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox’s camps who quickly denied that the best of friends for 17-years have parted ways.  It was confirmed that the rumor is FALSE by E! Online.

Why do people always want to see a good thing end?  Can people just be happy for other people?  Gosh!

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