Gisele Bundchen Poised To Becoming the First Brazilian Self-Made Billionaire?

For sure, supermodel Gisele Bundchen knows that beauty doesn’t last forever.  Being the world’s top-earning model for seven straight years in a row, Gisele knows how to handle her money.

Forbes have been tracking Gisele’s earning and they have seen her total earnings surpass the $250 million mark.  But besides being the runway darling, she has invested in other business ventures such as eco-friendly skincare, sandals, clothing line and real estate.

There is a forecast that she may be poised to becoming the first self-made Brazilian millionaire.  She earns $45 million a year and on top of that, her investment in a lingerie line called Gisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates could add another $19 million dollars to her annual income.

Mrs. Tom Brady sure knows where to put her money and so far so good.  If this continues, and her investments pay off – the numbers will more than likely increase over time and we shall find out…

Way to go Gisele!

via Forbes

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