Sneak Peek – Jennifer Aniston “Inside the Actor’s Studio”. (VIDEO) Nose Job? Well…

Did you see last night’s “Inside the Actor’s Studio” with guest Jennifer Aniston?

It was a treat.  I was watching The Millionaire Matchmaker and when I saw that Jennifer was going to be the guest on Inside the Actor’s Studio, I just had to hang on and wait.

It was indeed a treat.  One question that came up during the interview though is when Jennifer told the host James Lipton that while playing baseball with her dad, she was hit in the nose really badly that broke her nose.  James asked, “That’s a broken nose?” to where Jennifer replied, “Not anymore.”

Ha!  I guess she was eluding to the fact that she had it fixed.  Very subtle but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

She remembered moving from Greece when she was very young and being so poor while living in New York as a child.  Isn’t it funny how life can turn around and give you the best after going through tough times?

So peeps, don’t lose hope.  There’s a better life out there.  Work hard, stay focused and you’ll get there.  Jennifer did.

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