Fallout begins. Azkals members Neil Etheridge, Anton del Rosario and Simon Greatwich loses endorsement deal.

It’s not the first time this has happened.  Celebrities lose endorsements all the time.  Either for voicing out their views that are against the company they are endorsing, expressing their artform which degrades a company they have endorsed or simply by being accused of something that would pose a negative image to a company.

It’s happened to Madonna, Tiger Woods and many other celebrities.  Lady Gaga had turned that around though when she declined to endorse Target for contributing to anti-gay liberal politicians.

Now, it’s time for LoveRepublik.com to drop the endorsement of three members of the Azkals who are currently accused of raping a Filipina model.

The company has issued a statement regarding their withdrawal to the promotion stating:


We’d like to thank you for sharing this to your readers. And with that, we also take into responsibility to share with you the latest update on the promo.

In our personal experience dealing with Simon Greatwich, Anton del Rosario and Neil Etheridge, we found them to be a bunch of fun-loving and good-hearted young men. The professionalism they displayed during the production stage is commendable. We hope to believe that nothing of the severe allegations posted about them are true. We sincerely hope that the boys will rise above this issue.

We at www.LoveRepublik.com feel very sorry about the recent crisis the three of our friends and endorsers are going through. These personalities were recently launched as brand ambassadors of LoveRepublik, the first Philippine online social network that guarantees a safe and trustable dating environment. The brand lives by its philosophy of “Finding True Love.”

The recent “scandal” that our current endorsers are going through runs opposite to the very DNA of our website. Though pure speculation for now, our company feels than any taint of doubt on the integrity of our platform may not be healthy for our brand.

Effective today, we are discontinuing our tactical promotion, “Win a Date with an Azkal”.

To our valued subscribers and friends, a new promotion will be launched very soon in lieu of the latter. Mechanics are currently being drafted so we will have a suitable and more exciting program in the next couple of days.

We would like to believe that this issue will be resolved soon and we are hoping for the best for everyone.

PR Manager LoveRepublik.com

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