Casey Anthony is most hated person in America: poll

E-Poll Market Research  created a poll to survey which person Americans hate the most. The top five that came out of the poll are:

    • Casey Anthony
    • Spencer Pratt
    • Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman
    • O.J. Simpson
    • Jon Gosselin

Guess who won?

Yes, it is Casey Anthony.  She is the most hated person in America right now.  And if that’s the case, the Florida judge will probably not ask her back to Orlando to serve her one year probation due to security reasons.  She went into hiding after being found “not guilty” of murdering her daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Followed by The Hills’ Spencer Pratt, Octomom Nadia Suleman, fallen and jailed football start O.J. Simpson and Jon Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus Eight reality series.

The survey was released Wednesday by California-based E-Poll Market Research.

Of the 1,100 responders, 53% said they were aware of Anthony, and 94% said they disliked her, the poll showed.

Additionally, 60% of poll-takers called Anthony “cold,” while 57% said she was “creepy.”

The rankings come from the firm’s E-Score Celebrity rankings, which rates more than 6,000 celebrities and public figures based on their public awareness, appeal and other attributes.

Former “The Hills” star Pratt was the runner-up to Anthony in the “total dislike” category, followed by Suleman, Simpson and former “Jon & Kate Plus Eight” star Jon Gosselin.

Socialite Paris Hilton, shock jock Howard Stern and Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin’s ex-fiancé, were also in the top 10.


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