Jennifer Aniston Really Joining Days of Our Lives?!

Rumor mill is going round and round about Jennifer Aniston supposedly joining the long-lasting soap, Days of Our Lives.  Everyone and their mother were very excited about the news and it just kept on brewing and brewing.

We all know that Jennifer’s dad, John Aniston has been a regular cast member of Days of Our Lives since even before I was born.. probably.  So, it was easy to assume that a boost can be created if his daughter did show up.

It was quickly denied by Aniston’s rep saying that there’s no truth to the rumor according to E! Online.  Here’s what was said:

Aniston’s rep denied the rumor to E! News this morning, saying there was no truth to the rumors.

If that’s the case, how are they going to make Days of Our Lives more interesting?  It’s nobody’s guess.

via E! Online

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