KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual’s breakup renews old rumors.

KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual were trending on Twitter after the actress revealed that she and her boyfriend Piolo Pascual have called it quits.

Social media from Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr were filled with comments about the split.  Fans reacted to the news and so did bloggers worldwide.

Old rumors have surfaced and some blogs even went as far as accusing Piolo of leading KC on in a relationship that he knew wasn’t going to last.  Many have blamed KC as well for ignoring the advice she had from fellow actors about not going through with a relationship with the actor.

Then, old videos of Piolo watching the Manny Pacquiao fight in 2009 surfaced once again showing Piolo acting effeminate as he watched the fight.

What is being implied by bloggers and forums on the web is that Piolo should admit who he really is.  But who really is Piolo?  Does anyone know?  Is he being likened to Rock Hudson where everybody and anybody in Hollywood knew of his homosexuality yet no one spoke out?

People have friends in high places and I bet someone somewhere knows the truth.  And if that person who knows the truth have not spoken out, what is it to us?

Each person has a journey and if Piolo really is gay, he should be given the same respect given to others who – in their own time – figured out when and how to come out.  It is not our position to out someone who is going through an “identity crisis”, if that is what he called “personal crisis”.

The reason for the break up given by KC on The Buzz was almost telling but then again, we have to leave it up to Piolo.

Many have asked Ricky Martin about his sexuality in the past but he didn’t come out to them even though the signs were all there.  He had to go through his journey and figure out what his truth was.

As far as the truth goes – – hope this video will help those out there who are trying to figure their “crisis” out for themselves.

And here’s another one:

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  1. Leave Piolo alone. Let him go through his journey without being pressured into doing something he’s not comfortable yet. Besides, it’s none of anybody’s business as to how a person should run his life. Piolo is an actor, his only job is to entertain people. It is none of our business to know what he does when he is not working.

    Also, pinoy, ayusin niyo ang English grammar niyo ha. Nagagalit kayo pag napupuna ang bad English, yet, paltos naman talaga.

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