Piolo Pascual is such a hunk. And so is Carlos Agassi. Both shirtless? (PICS)

No one can deny that Piolo Pascual is sexy.  Carlos Agassi is also sexy.  Both of them do take care of their physique well and I must admit, I have wished that the rumors about Piolo Pascual being gay would be true.   Carlos Agassi did admit that he had a sexual relationship with a gay man while in his teens which lasted for a year.

These photos have been around since last December and I just wonder how Piolo can pose shirtless with another guy knowing all the rumors about him swirling around.  Doesn’t that give more assumptions from the public’s point of view?

I remember a neighbor I had whose body was so perfect.   He would walk his dog around the neighborhood and he would be shirtless.  My female neighbor would always call me when he was walking his dog and scream, “Chuva!!  Look out your window!”.  What straight guy would do that?

I became very good friends with the guy and he’s really a nice guy.  I did have a thought in my mind that he could be gay and that his”brother” who lives with him was really not his brother.  I never had a chance to find out because they moved out.

If you think these photos are bad, take a look at the pic after the jump:

Give it away, give it away, give it away now!!

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