Coca-Cola to celebrate its 100th Year in the Philippines by appointing a President for Happiness?

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I was in my International Marketing class the other night and we talked about branding. One of the photos shared during the presentation was Coca-Cola in Zimbabwe. My professor said, “You will recognize Coca-Cola anywhere you go. Just the red sign and white letters is enough for you to say, COKE!”   It started with Coca-Cola promising the American troops who fought during the World War that they will be able to get Coca-Cola anywhere they were in the world. So, Coke built tents and shipped Coca-Cola to bases around the world. But when the war ended, Coca-Cola stayed.

Very true indeed. Because Coca-Cola has been in the Philippines since 1912 and will be celebrating its centennial this year, 2012. For the celebration, Coca-Cola will appoint a President for Happiness  for the occasion. Billboards across the country saying “Salamat sa lahat ng nagbukas ng saya. 100 Taon. Tuloy ang Happiness”

It’s an all out thanks to the people of the Philippines who have continued to love Coca-Cola. Since children are our future, Coca-Cola decided to focus on the youth of the country.  President for Happiness of Coca-Cola? Who will be the appointed president and what could be expected from him/her? Who is he/she?  Some say the president may or may not be a celebrity.

The grand reveal will be on January 29th.

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