Bryanboy and Chikatime revisited once again – – socialites, scandals and all. On the cover of The New York Observer.

I happened to run into this article today (published on February 8th) on The New York Observer.  A complete write-up about the rise of into the mainstream fashion industry.

I have been blogging for a while now and although my blog started in 2006, I really didn’t get involved in blogging heavily until 2007 when Bryanboy was one of the most famous Filipino bloggers around.

I had followed him and his story (and was also in-the-know regarding the scandalous and mostly hilarious posts by the now-closed-blog, Chikatime) and I am actually impressed with what Bryan has done with his notoriety.  He entered the fashion world by storm, starting with the connections he made with Marc Jacobs during his early blogging days.

Now, he’s on the cover of the New York Observer.  Besides being able to sit next to Anna Wintour during fashion shows, meet with famous designers and models, he is actually traveling the world going from one fashion week to the next.

It seems weird now to associate him with the scandals way back when Chikatime was posting some of the most scandalous rumors about Philippine socialites.  Here’s a part of the write-up:

But in 2007, things changed for Bryan in Manila. An anonymous gossip blog called Chikatime (“chika” is Tagalog for “small talk”) sprang up. “Chikatime was a huge scandal in Manila. It rocked the entire country,” said the former editor. The blog combined Perez Hilton’s fondness for coke-y MS Paint doodles with TMZ’s gutter ruthlessness with 2005-era Gawker’s weakness for the unverified, and unverifiable, juicy reader tip. The writing style appeared to match Bryan’s, and many of the blog’s subjects were the establishment figures and socialites who had granted him entry into their world. “A lot of the people who control the Philippines media control society,” explained the former editor. “What made that gossip different was that it targeted the people that people wanted to target. Society was just about these people all the time—you pick up a magazine, and it was just these same people, year after year, or the daughters and sons of these people.”

Indeed, Bryanboy has departed from his early blogging style and has now become more professional (even his blog is now handled professionally).  Love him or hate him, he’s definitely made his mark.


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