Man-on-Man Kiss: Paul Rudd in 7 Minutes in Heaven (VIDEO)

If you’ve never watched the web series called “7 Minutes in Heaven”, you must.  Mike O’ Brien hosts it and he interviews people inside a closet.  At the end of each interview, he kisses his guest (kind of awkwardly).   This is the first time that I’m seeing the video as well and I didn’t even know that he already interviewed Ellen DeGeneres before!

Not a stranger to man-on-man kisses, Paul Rudd is known for his appearances on SNL kissing guys or being kissed by guys.  He was the most recent guest and I loved the awkward kiss in the end.  To think that it could have been me kissing Paul Rudd on the lips after an interview inside a closet, I would have thought of this idea a long time ago!  Enjoy the video below and the gallery of Paul Rudd being kissed by men.

Well, here’s the clip – – enjoy peeps!

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