Pinoy News: Lea Salonga invited to guest on ‘Idol’ by Michel Orland

More Pinoy Power!!

Lea Salonga, the Tony Award Broadway actress / singer was unofficially invited by American Idol’s arranger and musical director Michel Orland via Twitter on March 29th to become a guest and mentor for the contestants.

The exchange of pleasantries, including the invite may come to pass… that would simply mean a bigger Filipino viewership of the show which is already very famous for Filipinos because of Fil-Mexican contestant Jessica Sanchez.

Here are the tweet exchanges:

“@MsLeaSalonga When are you coming to #IDOL to come visit? You must”

“@MsLeaSalonga I would LOVE that – talk about a voice that’s goose-bump inducing, that would be Lea”

“@MichaelOrland Michael, you flatter me greatly. Would love to visit #Idol when I’m back in LA. In Florida now w/ David Burnham in concert”

This is definitely going to be a welcome gesture if ever it happens.

In the meantime, here’s a funny and cute conversation between a Filipino father and daughter regarding Jessica Sanchez as she performed last week:

So my dad just called me…
Papa: Uh Chona, you still awake?
Me: Yes Papa, is everything ok?
Papa: Uh yea, i need a favor can you help me on American Idol? I need to vote for Jessica Sanchez, I don’t know how to text, help me text.
Me: *smiles* ok Papa! What does it say to text? To what number?
Papa: I don’t know 003 i don’t understand, I need you to vote once, just once for Jessica, ok?
Me: ok Papa, I’ll do it. Isn’t the voting over?
Papa: No, I have 2 hours, vote once ok for Jessica Sanchez!

FB peeps, help what number do I text and what was her number?!?


via ABS-CBN News

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