Official Twitter Messages Confirms Breakup of Heart Evangelista and Daniel Matsunaga

Sometimes things just don’t work out. After one-and-a-half years of being in a relationship, actress Heart Evangelista and actor/model Daniel Matsunaga have parted ways.

Rumors were swirling about the couple’s breakup but nothing has confirmed the rumors until Heart and Daniel tweeted their personal relationship status.

Heart Evangelista (@heart021485) posted on Thursday, April 12th.

“today i woke up with a different mind set:) when the end comes a new chapter begins:) its hearts time again:)”

Then on Friday, April 14th, the actress continued with these simultaneous tweets:

“Being single is embracing growth:)”

“breakups don’t always mean the other one was bad or we didn’t love each other it could just be…we were too different.”

Daniel Matsunaga (@dmatsunaga)silent until he tweeted the following:

“just asking God…why? i tried”

“cant be happy at this moment guys…God bless u all…thanks for the words…i am sure u all know what is happening… :(“

“lost 4kilos this days…feel like shit….i need my family i think…”

He tweeted one last time with a note to all his fans saying:

“i am going to be away of the internet for a few days…sorry for that…hope u guys understand….God bless u all…”

The couple has not publicly come out to provide reasons for their breakup.

We’re probably going to hear about it in the next couple of days….


Don’t worry Heart – I will be in Brazil in June.. I’ll find another Brazilian for you… 🙂

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