Zac Efron will visit the Philippines soon. Models for Penshoppe.

I have known this for a while. My fellow blogger and friend from Louis Vuitton Lover alerted me of this news when he saw the photo below from his friend’s Facebook page.

Apparently, LV Lover’s classmate from college is now the PR Manager involved in the discussions with Zac Efron to model for Penshoppe.

I would die to meet Zac in person!!!

The actor has confirmed that he’s scheduled to visit the Philippines soon, saying as well that his dad had stayed in the Philippines and have said nice things about the country.

The start relayed this statement during an interview with Ricky Lo of Philippine Star:

“Well, first of all this is an amazing, amazing excuse to go to the Philippines. I’ve always wanted to visit the Philippines. My dad stayed for a long time in the Philippines and he has been telling me great stories about it. I’m looking forward to go surfing, I wanna dive, I wanna swim with the whale sharks, I just wanna hang around, I wanna…yes, I wanna go to the Philippines!”

He also mentioned that his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens is half-Filipino.

How sweet Zac!!

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