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Louis Vuitton Lover is very pleased with his Moynat purchase. A luxury brand worth reviewing.

I am very good friends with Louis Vuitton Lover.  In fact, I visited him in Washington, D.C. on Easter Sunday and we both went to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to hear mass in celebration of the risen Christ.

He was telling me about his interaction with Moynat, Paris on his most recent purchase.  A Cabas Quattro in Sepia from Maison Moynat.

The service he received was so personalized that he actually interacted and exchanged emails with the company’s CEO, Mr. Guillaume Davin while his order was being prepared.  He received every update to the process accompanied by photos of the art and passion that went into creating his bag.

Monday came as a surprise for him because the bag had arrived.  He couldn’t wait to call me and give me the good news.

Here’s what he received.

The package arrived with a personal note from Mr. Davin and a gift (bracelet with his initials in it).  Who else would give such an intimate attention to customers these days?  Apparently, Moynat does.

So, to all those haters who said that maybe Louis Vuitton Lover is running out of cash… you may have to think again.

To see the bag in its full glory and the process that it took to deliver such a work of art, please visit Me, Myself & Moynat.

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