Mexicans and Filipinos Unite in support of Jessica Sanchez. (VIDEO)

The unity of Mexicans and Filipinos will be proven tonight. Jessica Sanchez is a Mexican-Filipina finalist on American Idol Season 11. Last week, she was in danger of being eliminated with the LOWEST NUMBER OF VOTES until all three judges used their “save” to help the 16-year old stay in the competition.

Well, this week’s elimination will be doubled. Two of the finalists will be leaving American Idol and the two finalists who receives the lowest number of votes will be eliminated.

Nobody saw this coming and therefore, we are all calling on Mexicans and Filipinos (Let’s forget about the Pacquiao – La Hoya or Pacqiao – Marquez fights for now) to VOTE for Jessica Sanchez. Let’s prove this TV Guide writer wrong.

GRNMNGO created a video to support Jessica Sanchez and noted HOW YOU CAN VOTE for here outside of the United States.

Watch the video and please click on the links below and vote through FACEBOOK.

Here’s the information provided by GRNMNGO:

*For everyone outside of the United States, you can vote on or directly from your Facebook account. Just click on the following link on Thursday from 11am-3pm Philippine time to cast your vote.

American Idol Online Voting Via Facebook

*All the video and audio contained herein is property of American Idol.

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