Uh-oh!! Gov’t: New Case of Mad Cow Disease in California

This news is so timely. Last Friday, I was encouraged to watch a documentary entitled, “Food Inc.”. It is a documentary about the food supply in the United States.

This is the news that just came out:

The Agriculture Department says a new case of mad cow disease has surfaced in a dairy cow in California.

The case is the fourth in recent years. John Clifford, the department’s chief veterinarian, said the cow from central California did not enter the human food chain and that U.S. meat and dairy supplies are safe.

I was horrified when I saw the film because there seems to be a lot of conspiracy going on that we don’t know about.

Our food supply is really controlled by only four companies and they command what is done to the food supply to become more efficient and more profitable.

I was disgusted after I found out what they do to make our chickens fatter and larger (more yield = more money) and also to fatten the cows by feeding them corn which isn’t natural. Cows eat grass. Due to this, e coli bacteria thrives in the animal’s intestines. What do they do to get rid of the e coli bacteria? You have to watch the film and find out.

I’ve learned to avoid meat right now. I buy my fruits and vegetables from local growers. I am also inclined to only buy organic foods.

Here’s a preview:

via ABC News

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