Derek Ramsay: “Angel and I are working things out. We’re talking. May pinagdadaanan kami.”

How is it that any celebrity couple’s  relationship that ends becomes news?

That’s the case anywhere.  Be it here in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world, a break-up, a divorce, or anything tragic that happens to celebrities become news.  Why?  Because regular people delight in the fact that celebrities are just like us.  They are no different.

Those little issues you have to deal with against your partner (like leaving the toilet seat up, leaving the toothpaste cap undone, etc.) are the same issues they deal with.  Sure, they have more money than you but everything is relative.  I’m sure that they have bigger expenses than you.

Derek Ramsay and Angelina Panganiban have been in the “break-up” category since they got together.  But they have weathered the storms and have stayed together despite of all the rumors surrounding their relationship.  Yet, this is the first time that Derek has admitted that they are “going through stuff” at the moment.  When those words are uttered, usually you can prepare for the inevitable.

Then came the news about John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao‘s split that supposedly happened months ago.  (At least this one I expected.  Sometimes, when you break up once – it means that there was something worth breaking up for.  If you get back together, usually you break up once more).

Why do you think you delight in seeing your favorite celebrities break up?



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