Skylar Laine Booted Off American Idol. Jessica Sanchez remain as part of Top 4.

Last night’s American Idol Elimination Night was heart-pounding to say the least. Supporters of Jessica Sanchez were on Twitter, praying and hoping that she stays in the competition.

Personally, I voted for Jessica at least 450 times the night before. It was a concerted effort among fans. One fan tweeted: “Voted for Jessica Sanchez 1000 times last night. I’m glad my vote counted”.

Although our POLL seemed to point to Hollie Cavanagh to be the castoff on last night’s elimination round, Skylar Laine turned out to have the lowest number of votes from a total of 60 million votes.

I do think that she will succeed as a country singer and she believes it as well since she has received much support from fans from the South.

“I’m so happy that the South was rooting for me,” Laine explained. “Country fans were rooting for me. That’s all I want. All I want is a country group. Winning would have been great, but I just want to make an album. I want people to buy it. I want to be on the radio. “Miranda Lambert, my idol, didn’t win ‘Nashville Star.’ She got third, and look at her now — winning everything, pretty much. I’m just so happy to be here. So humble and just so thankful for everything.”

I think she will be fine.

The goal for next week? Vote for Jessica Sanchez until my fingers turns blue!!


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