Sharon Cuneta ( @sharon_cuneta12 ) and her Twitter wars. I’m sorry folks, I’m on her side.

I am not here to defend Sharon Cuneta just because I am an avid fan. I have witnessed Sharon’s love for her daughter KC Concepcion and like any mother out there, I’m sure that you will stand up against anyone who bashes your child.

It’s no different kung Megastar ka man or simple at regular na ina. When words being spoken or written against your child are considered slanderous or libelous respectively, sometimes you don’t have a choice but to react in defense of your child.

The worst thing about the most recent issue on Twitter is that an executive from ABS-CBN made the tweet that irked the Megastar.

If you read the hate tweets against the Megastar, I’m actually surprised that she has only reacted the way she had because some of them are downright below-the-belt tweets.

Isa lang ang masasabi ko, this sculpture tells it all. It was created by our very own national hero, Jose P. Rizal in Dapitan back in 1894. It’s called a “A Mother’s Love”.  It’s a sculpture of a crocodile with a puppy in between its jaws and the pup’s mother was trying to save her child by biting the croc behind the neck, disregarding her own safety for the safety of her pup.   ‘Nuff said.

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