Jessica Sanchez–Is the ‘American Idol’… or simply getting jipped?

Yes folks, there’s a little bit of bitterness here for me. I have never watched American Idol as intense as I had this past season. I may have voted a few times for Jasmine Trias back in the day but nowhere near the amount of votes I entered for Jessica Sanchez.

I promise that this will be my last rant about this American Idol thing – because I have vowed to never watch the show again (I never did watch it faithfully in the past, so there’s no love lost there!).

I read that previous runners-up on American Idol gets a contract with 19 Recordings, Inc. which amounts to about $175,000.00. The winner gets the recording contract for an amount of $300,000.00. Jessica would have received the contract hadn’t AI changed the contract this season. She is simply going to be walking away with $30,000.00 which is nowhere near what the previous runners-up got.

Apparently though, all finalists were made aware of the change in the contract and that nothing in her contract says that she will have an album recorded with 19 Recordings, Inc. Do you think she’s getting the wrong end of the deal?

I believe that she isn’t getting a raw deal. She was able to showcase her talent and everyone knows that she’s a better singer and has a better future career-wise in the music industry.

On that note, why don’t you take a listen to the mix below created for Bed – Manila. I think you will agree that she’s going to have a bright future.

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2 Comments on "Jessica Sanchez–Is the ‘American Idol’… or simply getting jipped?"

  1. JESSICA shud sing song on her album about dreams, success and life. , no to love, boyfriend, heartache etc.. , these are too old for her. , she is so amazing i hope she will hav a gud start. ,

  2. Ambet Acoba | May 29, 2012 at 5:23 pm |

    wow nice club mix! 🙂

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