What to expect from iPhone 5 and expected release date in 2012. (VIDEOS)

Apple doesn’t fall short in getting their followers excited each time they release one of their new products or an upgraded version of their current products.  The hype they build (including the suspicious iPhone left at a bar by one of their designer/engineer) works really well.  The super-secret release date for each release is another one that gets the Apple-faithful excited.

What’s the next big thing after the latest iPad release?  The anticipation for the iPhone 5!  Yup folks.  What should we expect from iPhone 5?

Well, I for one, didn’t upgrade from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S.  There really wasn’t much difference between the two versions and I was completely satisfied with my iPhone 4.

But, the iPhone 5 on the other hand offers a thinner sleek look, a wider screen and a better camera.  At least – that is what we’ve heard from the rumor mill.  The release date is also expected to still happen around the fall season – which could be September or October.

So, what does the new iPhone 5 look like?

Watch the videos after the JUMP:


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