Is KC Concepcion Ready For Love With A Non-Showbiz Guy?

Megadaughter KC Concepcion has clearly moved on from her ex-boyfriend, Piolo Pascual.  She admits that she’s happy that someone has made her excited once again.

KC is set to host X Factor Philippines.  She is also doing the TV series, Against All Odds.  She was highly criticized by viewers who watched her lament on The Buzz explaining her pain and anguish over her break up with heartthrob, Piolo Pascual.

After that event, she donned a new look by getting a shorter haircut, delved into working without stopping for love.  But now, someone may be able to capture her attention once again.

Here’s what she said on The Buzz:

“Ang pangit namang sabihin na no time for love!” tawa ni KC.

“Meron, pero sabi nga ng iba, ‘Pinapahirapan mo naman masyado.’

“And ano ha, I’m not talking of anyone na kilala n’yo na—non-showbiz siya.”

“I’m happy,” sambit niya.

“Masarap palang kinikilig ulit kasi I’m excited to fall in love again. Excited ako na ano ulit.

“Pero huwag muna ngayon, huwag muna.

“Kasi ito nga, yung free time ko, ipipikit ko na lang, ipapahinga ko na lang.

“So, unfair din kung magkarelasyon ako ngayon.”


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