Please recognize Rodolfo “Dolphy” V. Quizon as a National Artist. Before it’s too late. #PrayforDolphy

Good news came from Eric Quizon when he told reporters that his dad, Rodolfo “Dolphy” V. Quizon is doing well after the dialysis late Thursday evening. They were elated when “Pidol” opened his eyes and looked around.

Dolphy is clearly qualified to be hailed as National Artist. But due to a pending TRO before the Supreme Court, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts cannot proceed with the nomination although Dolphy was already included as a nominee back in 2009.

With Dolphy’s failing health, I hope that NCAA can fast-track his confirmation as a National Artist. It should be treated as an exception because it was not the artist’s fault but rather GMA’s fault for listing artists not worthy of the award and accused of committing “grave abuse of discretion”.

I am hoping that the Supreme Court could make an exception and allow President Benigno Aquino III to recognize Dolphy as a National Artist while he is able to receive it. #crossingmyfingers

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  1. Bilang Pilipino, pinaligaya nya tayo, karapatdapat lang na hirangin natin syang isa sa ating National Artist. Pagtulungan natin at magkaisa tayo, para sa ating mga Filipino.

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