Was this blind item directed at Sharon Cuneta?

The rumor mill was very active this weekend most specially a controversial entry at Fashionpulis.com that caught the attention of the Megastar, Sharon Cuneta.

The post was purportedly directed at her and she took to Twitter to respond to the blind item.
Here’s an excerpt from the post:


After some months of planning, the show of this controversial host finally aired. But prior to the that, CH received her share of intrigues. For a quite a time, she was relentless in attacking back her online bashers. When the messages got on her nerves, CH lashed back. In response to her messages, her followers answered with comments that questioned her character and her image.

After a while, the public exchanges of online messages stopped.However, to build up more interest in her new show, the messages that poked fun of CH were used as teaser ads for the show. After a number of postponements, the show finally aired. However, it did not generate as much interest as was expected. Some critics blamed the time slot. Others commented the show was a rehash and offered nothing new. Still, others said that CH lost her luster.


Sharon Cuneta quickly denied the rumor being spread by the website through her Twitter account.  Here’s what she had to say:

“There is a website that has posted yet another ‘article’ about obviously, me. I want to assure you all that there is absolutely no truth to this.

“Halos lahat ng pinopost niya sa akin since last year kasinungalingan.

“Proof? Balikan nyo at basahin ang mga naunang posts nya about me na blind items pa pero obvious naman ako.

“My bosses text me all the time and we are very happy with the show. All new shows struggle in the beginning because televiewers have developed habits that you have to pray you are able to change and it takes time to get used to watching a new show regularly until it too, becomes a habit of viewers.

“Nagtatrabaho lang naman po ako, hindi ko pa sya nami-meet kaya di ko alam kung sino ang nag-uutos/nagrerequest/nagbabayad? Sa kanya para laging ako ang favorite nyang i-blind item.

“Ang dami na nyang nasulat na di nangyari kasi di totoo. Di ko alam kung may source sya or ang special lang ng imagination nya. Or baka dream nya maging si Ricky Lo or Dolly Ann?

“Sana makilala ko sya, para lang sana kilalanin nya muna ako bago nya ako siraan. Iniisip ko na lang, di ko na papatulan kasi di nya ako kilala as a person. And who knows why certain people choose to make a living or try to be famous at the expense of others?

“Okay lang. Give the issue time and you’ll see who’s making up stories all the time. This doesn’t affect me, btw.

“Matagal na ako sa showbiz, I’ve been thru worse. And besides, di naman ako ang nagmumukhang katawa-tawa at masama pag lumalabas na ang totoo.

“Never ako pumatol sa posts nya noon pa. May mga nagtweet lang na nag-aalala sa mga naisulat nyang bago kaya nilinaw ko.

“After all, this is a page for SHARONIANS. And you guys deserve to hear it from me straight. God is in control.:-)

“Nothing can ruin my happiness with my family and friends and fans, sorry!”

via Fashion PULIS: Shape Up or Pack Up.

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