The Many Loves of Dolphy. He vowed Zsa Zsa Padilla would be his last partner and he was true to it till his death.

It’s not a secret that Dolphy had many loves while he was alive.  I can attest to that because I went to school with one of his sons during the day.  Some may think that he had hundreds of children from different wives but that is not the case.  He had a few and produced a few children with some of them.

One thing that impressed me about the King of Comedy is how dedicated he is as a father.  I was part of the high school military then and we were in charge of regulating traffic while the graduation ceremony was going on at our high school gym.  During the preparation for the ceremony, I was guarding one of the intersections with my fellow military officer when a black car pulled up asking where they could park.   When the window in the back seat rolled down, it was Dolphy.  He thanked us for directing his driver where he could park.  Dolphy was there for the graduation of his son, Carlos Quizon. 

He joined the other parents without any request for special treatment.  Rightfully so, when his son was called to accept his diploma, the other parents requested that Mr. Rodolfo Quizon stand up.  He obliged happily as everyone gave him a round of loud applause.

During one of the interviews of Dolphy, I remember him saying that Zsa Zsa Padilla will be his last partner in life.  The couple were together for 20 years until his passing.  Dolphy is an amazing man and it’s not a wonder that we feel the loss after he died yesterday.

Here’s a tree of Dolphy’s partners and the brood that he left behind.  One thing that I wasn’t aware of was his partnership with fellow actress, Pilar Pilapil.  That was a bit of a surprise.

Many Loves of Dolphy courtesy of GMA.

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  1. Well deserved man,A Loving man with big heart…My IDOL..

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