John Lloyd and Angelica Panganiban. A couple in the making.

Both of them have not denied the rumors that they indeed are a couple now.  Angelica Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz have been rumored to be in a blooming relationship after they have been spotted together all over town.

The Instagram photo posted by Angelica on her Instagram account confirms something.

The couple attended the Star Magic ball together, holding hands…

The question is, why is it that people are so surprised?  They are both single and free to build  whatever relationship they are building.  Why can’t a guy and a girl be friends?

During the interview with John Lloyd on The Buzz this Sunday, he did confirm that he has not been as happy as he is now.  Could that be pointing to his relationship with Angelica?

What does Derek Ramsey (Angelica’s boyfriend for six-years) have to say to all of this?

“If she finds something that I lack in John Lloyd, then I’m happy for her.”

That is what you call a gentleman.  There’s no reason why he should hold a grudge.  Sometimes, things just don’t work out.

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