KC Concepcion receives a special star from French suitor, Pierre Emmanuel Plassart

Megadaughter, KC Concepcion has finally revealed the identity of his current French suitor, Pierre Emmanuel Plassart.

The 29-year old French photographer and filmmaker visited the Philippines.  KC met the filmmaker during an international event and the two have formed a friendship worthy enough for Pierre to pay the X Factor host a visit.

It’s obvious that KC has moved on from her bitter separation from ex-boyfriend, Piolo Pascual.   She is loving life and have now started entertaining suitors.

For a girl who lived several years in France, I would think that she had acquired some of the French culture that I can clearly say, have prepared her to become a partner to a foreigner rather than a Filipino boyfriend.

The problem here is distance.  If she can make it work, and since she had lived in France before – maybe a long distance relationship could be on the horizon until she decides to possibly move to France in the future.

The French suitor being a romantic, is said to have gifted KC a star (one where you can order online and pay a couple of hundred bucks for) from the International Astronomical Union.   It was a unique gift and a special one.

Are you in favor of a French (or foreign) boyfriend for KC?  Or would you prefer that the X-Factor host choose a Pinoy boyfriend?

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2 Comments on "KC Concepcion receives a special star from French suitor, Pierre Emmanuel Plassart"

  1. just follow your heart and go KC foranyone whom your heart whispers and longs to be with you irrespective of who /what race/nationality he belongs. we are all great creations of the Divine. Wishing you all the luck and success!!!!

  2. cge go,,,im voted for him to u my fave,,,and besides it was not hard for you to adopt his nature coz u leave in france for a long years,,,,,if ure not meant to hv a seatmate relationship like clasmates,,so it means ure in a distance relationship,,that would be the time to hv a happy relationship,,and mybe it well do in progress not like before,,,,wishing u happiness,,cge go

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