Could the Megastar’s (Sharon Cuneta) words about KC’s new suitor be misinterpreted?

On a recent interview with the TV Host, Actress and Megastar Sharon Cuneta, highlighted the whole interview with a statement given by the Megastar when asked about the rumored French suitor of KC Concepcion and how she favors him among all of KC’s past suitors.

The title of the post was : Sharon Cuneta on French suitor of daughter KC Concepcion: “Lalaking-lalaki! Very nice boy…”

Mind you, this was not the only statement issued by Sharon Cuneta. She also stated that the young French suitor, Pierre Emmanuel Plassart is so respectful “well-raised” and “well-bred”.

However, the highlighting of the words “Lalaking-lalaki!” may be misinterpreted once again as a slight to KC’s former boyfriend, Piolo Pascual.

It has been an unending rumor that that reason for KC and Piolo’s breakup was somehow related to Piolo’s sexuality. And for the highlighted statement by the Megastar herself, she may get flack for issuing such a statement.

Could this be a slight to Piolo Pascual? Or could it have been a simple praise to Pierre?

We’ll see how the media and people will react.

For us here at Chuva Chienes dot com, we are happy for KC Concepcion and may her relationship with Pierre blossom even more as the years go by.

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