And just who is KC Concepcion’s French suitor named is Pierre Emmanuel Plassart? Let’s find out shall we? (VIDEO)

Well, since the news exploded about KC Concepcion‘s new French suitor… my blog has been getting a ton of hits.  Many KC fans are probably wondering who he is and if he’s worthy for their princess.

Here are a few photos gathered from the web:

With a little research, we concur that Pierre is a French film actore, producer, director and writer.  He’s got a record entry on IMDB which is a database for anyone involved in Film.  He has a webstagram account where he posts photos of structure and architecture.  I haven’t seen any personal photos of KC on his account or better yet, not much photos of himself.

Although, he is a very handsome guy who seems to know what he wants in life.  He is also established on his own with a few short films under his belt.

He was born in Le Mans, France on August 29, 1982. (30-years old).  As much as he is French, he might as well be called American as well as he seemed to have spent a lot of time in the US studying film. He attended New York Film Academy, One-Year Filmmaking Program (Universal Studios, Los Angeles). Graduated from Art Center College of Design (Pasadena, California).

He also has an account on video sharing website, VIMEO under peplassart with a few of his short films posted.

Born in Le Mans, France, Pierre-Emmanuel Plassart started his career in photography, specializing in jewelry and fashion in Paris. Passionate about visual arts, movies and storytelling, the link to film came naturally. He moved to Los Angeles in 2005 with the goal to pursue a career in filmmaking. His first short film “Betrayed,” completed in 2006, gained recognition in festivals in LA and New York. He then successfully completed his degree with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 2011. “Harmony,” completed in 2011 is his second short film as a writer, director and is also entering festivals across the globe. Pierre-Emmanuel now continues his career as an accomplished writer and director in Los Angeles and Europe.

Here’s Pierre in action for New York Film Academy:

Anyone in favor?

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