One Direction’s Harry Styles ‘wants a relationship more than parties’.

If you’re a part of a British boy band whose popularity has been compared to “The Beatles“, you would probably say to yourself, “I can have anything and anyone I want!”  But not Harry Styles of One Direction.  He remains as down-to-earth as he can be and admits that he gets lonely at times causing him to be “desperate” for a girlfriend.

Harry Styles is only 18-years old.  I wonder what would make an 18-year old want a girlfriend so badly.  And even if he did, you would think that he could have any girl he chooses because of his celebrity status and all that.

Now, we all know that celebrities do go through the same things we do.  Even someone named Harry Styles find it hard to find the right person.

People now know that Harry Styles is looking to enter into a more serious relationship and that he prefers to have a “relationship much more than parties.”

Any applicants out there?


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