Hunk Derek Ramsay is not opposed to doing sex scenes with a man if the script calls for it.

He may not be the most versatile actor at the moment but hunk model / actor Derek Ramsay is trying to change that.

His most recent film with Anne Curtis and Andi Eigenmann, The Secret Affair, is set for release on October 24th.   In taking up challenging roles, Derek is proving more and more that he is up for the challenge.

During the promotion of his endorsed product, Pharmaton Multivitamins at Makati’s Shangri-La, the actor spoke to Pep reporters and gleefully answered questions.

Two questions peaked the interests of many.

One of the questions was if he was willing to do a sex scene with a male partner if the script calls for it… and his response was

“I’ll consider it, you know. I mean that’s part of real life, too… And I’m an actor. So, baka.”

Another question was about an rumored incident going around that fellow actor Andi Eigenmann accidentally touched the actor’s private part during the filming of the movie… to which he responded:

“Ha? Boom! Sino nagsabi niyan?” gulat na natatawang tanong ni Derek.

“No…we had a lot of daring scenes. We’re…kasi panoorin n’yo yung pelikula.

“We had a lot of daring scenes, yung karakter namin ni Andi.

“Yung sa amin ni Anne [Curtis] was more sensual, romantic. Yung sa amin ni Andi was just hardcore sex.”

Totoo nga bang nahaplos ni Andi ang kanyang private male part?

“Nahaplos ng ano? No, wala. I’m just so focused, I didn’t notice.”

Napansin naman ng PEP sa aktor, “Namumula ka, e”

Natatawang sagot ni Derek, “Siyempre you’re talking about my private part.

“Ikaw, let’s talk about your private part kung hindi ka rin mamula.”

Such a real sport that Derek didn’t even seem to get offended with the questions posted to him.

I cannot wait to see the film and in the meantime, all you guys and gals can feast on this scene for now until a script calls for handsome Derek to have sex scene with a man gets laid on the table.


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