Mario Lopez must not read newspapers (or the internet for that matter). Tweets he’s craving for Chick-Fil-A

Mario Lopez. the newly-minted host of X-Factor has a huge gay following.  Consider me as one of them.

However, the actor/entertainment host tweeted on Oct 7th:

“Why does it seem like I always crave Chick-fil-A on Sundays?? #Frustrating.”

Dan Savage – quickly replied:
“Because you’re a thoughtless jerk who just alienated the gay men you expected to buy your new line of crappy manpanties?”
Yes folks, Mario Lopez has an underwear line that he’s trying to promote.  Who do you think would buy those?  Uhmmm – not gay guys.
Quick comments from the post clearly shows disappointment among his gay followers:
Nothing can be said here that can do more damage to his underwear line
than he already has. What a dumb ass.
Is it possible he hasn’t heard about Chick-Fil-A? Lopez doesn’t exactly strike me as somebody who reads the newspaper regularly.
Guess we know which celeb to boycott next, eh?
But some did show support for Mario Lopez:
Lol. Really ? This type of response? I am gay and I crave chick-fil-a sometimes. I don’t eat it,.. Don’t buy it but that doesn’t change that I miss their carrot salad or lemonade (lite version). Was this a horrific offensive comment by ML? No,… Not even close. I can’t even begin to count the gay people and gay supporters I know who shop there or support Mitt Romney. The reactions from part of the gay is much more offensive than anybody commenting they crave a sandwich on Sunday. Reacting and responding as crazy as right wing nut jobs do is embarrassing – Why are people seemingly reacting worse,..trying to one up the other. I am disappointed – more so with Dan and the other similar reactionary comments.
How is this homophobic? Sick Fil A is closed on Sundays. I think people are missing his point
I hope he doesn’t apologize. He said nothing about gay people. Not everyone has to be silent about their love for a fast food joint…simply because said joint isn’t gay-friendly. Who cares? People go there for the food and have nothing to do with the managements politics. I REALLY hope Lopez doesn’t apologize or “clarify” anything. He likes Chick-Fil-A’s food and he’s entitled to say so.
What’s your take?
via Queerty

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