Zoren Legaspi surprises Carmina Villaroel with on-the-spot proposal and wedding! (PHOTOS)

Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi are now officially husband and wife.

Carmina had the sweetest shock of her life today, November 15, when longtime partner Zoren surprised her with a lavish wedding at Fernbrooks in Alabang, Muntinlupa.

The civil wedding was officiated by a lady judge.

The whole thing was a surprise for the bride. She was totally not in the know.

This was totally Zoren’s grand gesture.

Even the wedding gown was created without Carmina ever going for a fitting.

Zoren simply went to designer Paul Cabral and, together, they got the details of Carmina’s size and the look of the gown she would love.

Around 3 p.m., Carmina arrived at the venue, thinking she was going to a family shoot for one of their product endorsements.

Around the same time, Zoren had an interview with the TV crew of ABS-CBN, the network that Carmina is under contract with at this time.

Upon arriving, Carmina was brought to the lower ground area where she had her makeup done.

Unknown to her, the makeup area was equipped with hidden cameras, as the guests waited in an area beside the reception hall.

TV host Boy Abunda was in on the act. He was ostensibly there to interview Carmina.

Thirty minutes before Zoren proposed, the guests were briefed on the flash mob that was going to take place, led by the dance group G-Force.

Also part of the drama were two very important persons: Cassy and Mavy, Carmina and Zoren’s twins, who were taught by the G-Force how to dance for the occasion.

Then, Zoren pretended to get into a fight with one of the crew members doing the shoot.

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