New guys, new rules and a mystery judge: Hot Guys Who Cook just got hotter!

Hot, sweet and yummy… oh, and the dishes they cook aren’t bad either. Starting
December 3 at 7 p.m., DIVA Universal serving up a fresh new batch of hotties that
know their way around a kitchen—and to a woman’s heart. Now in its second sizzling
season, this original series gets hotter as the gorgeous men from Malaysia, Singapore,
Taiwan and the Philippines crank up the competition in the kitchen to whip up a meal
that would sweep you off your feet. Well, or at least, wow a mystery (and very lucky)
judge. Hunks and great food peppered with wit, humour and rivalry? Sounds like a
recipe for a hot evening.

Hotties joining Hot Guys Who Cook 2 are TV hosts Allan Wu, Armando Reed, Adam
Carruthers, Oli Pettigrew, Filipino model Paolo Gonzalez and Malaysian actor Zain

Saidin. Hot favourites from the inaugural season, actors George Young and Paul Foster
and travel host Henry Golding are coming back to vie it out in the kitchen and prove
their prowess in dishing up double the charm and deliciousness.

Allan Wu
Known for his dare devil and adventurous ways on Fear Factor, The Amazing Race
Asia, and The Amazing Race China Rush, actor and TV host Allan Wu wants you to
know that he’s fearsome in the kitchen too. He’s been pitching in the kitchen now that
he’s a father of two and living in Shanghai, China. He’s come a long way since his days
at Berkeley and presenting for MTV Taiwan. Always funloving and bold, this Asian
action hero promises to bring it and outplay his competitors to win over the mystery
judge with his wholesome chicken surprise.

Paolo Gonzalez
The sweetheart from Manila, Philippines is a familiar face in his native country. Paolo
has been in commercials and advertisements for 20 years since he landed a milk
commercial at age seven. While this self-professed foodie brings home the bread by
working in real estate, his passion lies in acting, traveling the world and seeking out
adventures. He’s starting to pursue a career in acting and a littleknown fact – Paolo was
the body double for Jeremy Renner in the blockbuster Bourne Legacy.

Hot Guys Who Cook is Paolo’s first foray in the world of reality television and admits
it was a stressful time cooking his mom’s recipe of prawns on the show amid veteran
TV personalities Allan Wu and Zain Saidin, as he says the guys were consummate
professionals with a lot to say and he’s just someone who loves cooking. Will this
unassuming and secretly-competitive hunk quietly make his way to the top? Find out in
the premiere of Hot Guys Who Cook.

Zain Saidin
28 year old British-Malaysian actor, a huge fan of Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson,
would love to be as cool as his idols. Passionate about his acting career, he has been
on the drama series Oh My English! on Astro. But are his skills in the kitchen as smooth
as his acting talent?

Oli Pettigrew
Born in Hong Kong, schooled in England and resident of Singapore for the better part
of a decade, the last few years has seen Oli Pettigrew, 31, turn into one the region’s
leading TV stars. The father of two has been seen hosting on tech and travel shows
such as Sony Style and Lonely Planet: Six Degrees China. Oli is just as in demand for
his unique, cheeky brand of humour and improvisation on and off screen. This year, Oli
hit a high note with Best Host nominations by the Elle Awards and the Asian Television
Awards. The former model has also gone on a new diet and fitness regime and now
sprouts his newfound love for healthy living.

Armando Reed

Austin native Armando Reed, 32, certainly knows his way around the kitchen. He’s been
cooking up a storm since he baked cookies at the tender age of seven, and attributes
his love of food and cooking to his parents – his dad’s a foodie and mom is a great
cook. Armando is out to satisfy his tastebuds and will travel the world for a taste of local
cuisine – be it on a backpacking trip to Borneo or a flavorsome trip to Hong Kong. With
his very own cooking show, Armando’s Asian Twist, and now Hot Guys Who Cook,
Armando’s quest is to use his culinary skills to bring about joy and happiness to the
people around him. We’re pretty sure the ladies aren’t complaining!

Adam Carruthers
If you’ve not seen sports TV host Adam Carruthers, 27, on television, you’ve probably
heard his voice on the radio or on commercials. The affable Adam from Malaysia is
the presenter on FourFour Two BPL and Football Overload on Astro. He’s been on Fly
radio and as well. Now in the Hot Guys kitchen, Adam will be seen in a battle
with TV presenters Oli Pettigrew and Armando Reed as they attempt to outdo one
another in charming the mystery judge all the while having to look pretty as they cook. It
will be a challenge even for one as energetic and charismatic as Adam.

Paul Foster
If anyone can say that food was his claim to fame, it would be Singaporean actor, model
and host Paul Foster. Born to a British father and Chinese mother, Paul burst onto the
scene with the Singapore reality television show, Food Bachelor, where he faced off
against other hunks in, what else, cooking competitions.

With commercials, TV dramas and Indonesian feature film Catatan Harian Si Boy under
his belt, Paul is now looking into conceptualising and producing TV content as Creative
Director for his company, Status Productions. It remains to be seen if the graduate
of Australia’s Deakin University can whip up another delicious kitchen battle, but he
definitely has the upper hand.

George Young
He’s a little bit like a Beef Wellington or a Seafood Paella; yes, he may be that delicious
but like these two hard-to-make dishes, George Young is a mixture of many ingredients
that turn out so well. A lawyer by trade, the half Greek, half Chinese model turned
presenter and actor has graced television screens in Britain and across Asia and is now
looking to cook up a storm in your kitchen.

The Singapore-based artiste has been keeping himself busy. George hosted
Singapore’s Million Dollar Money Drop, starred in the local TV seriers, The Pupil, and
completed a box-office run in the Bollywood film Jhootha Hi Sahi. He also made his
professional theatre debut in Swimming with Sharks, which led him to win Elle Awards’
Actor of the Year in 2012.

Henry Golding

A mix of English culture and Iban heritage, the former hair stylist went from fixing
people’s bad hair days, to becoming the face and voice of Malaysian TV after deciding
to return to Asia, where he began hosting television programs.

Henry has merged his love for hosting and his passion for travel, and has done
everything from resort living, to jungle adventures. Somewhere in those travels, he must
have started a fire and cooked something.

About DIVA Universal
A female entertainment channel of Universal Networks International (International Television
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just like them – upbeat, lively and personable.

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