My blog is being redesigned. I promise a much more personal blog where I will share my thoughts and my travels.

Since I started blogging way back in 2007, my ultimate goal back then was to share a piece of myself to the world who barely knows me.  I want to explore my dreams and my plans to have a fulfilled life.

Having a blog when no one in the world reads it can be a downer.  Is my life not interesting enough?  Do I have the talent in writing that makes it easy for people to read and understand?  Do I have the sense of humor that could brighten someone’s day when they read my posts?

These were questions that ran through my mind back then.  Regardless of the answers, I took the plunge and started a blog called  Chuva Chienes is a persona I created from an “expression” that is very familiar the the Filipino gay community.  You use it to substitute words you can barely express.  An example could be, “Hindi ko alam kung ano anong mga chuva chienes niya at galit na galit siya sa akin.” (I don’t know whatever it is that irks him about me. )  In other words, it is a word that can be translated to “whatever”.

With that said, I didn’t get much traffic at all until I started meeting fellow bloggers aiming for the same thing.  We would collaborate, we would exchange ideas an still – there was something missing – TRAFFIC.

I studied SEO tips, subscribed to RSS feeds about linking and backlinking.  I joined all the social media sites I could find to promote my blog.  It did help quite a bit but not that much.

One thing I learned throughout the process of this discovery is that people are interested in scandals, humor, and most of all, how other people live.

That is how I gained traffic and gained the audience that helped me reach the 7 million unique views that I have since I started this blog.  That was five years ago when I started.  My priorities are constantly changing and even though I would like very much to blog in my native tongue (Tagalog), I am compelled to blog in English because most of my advertisers are U.S. -based advertisers and the demographics are about 50-50 split between my audiences in the Philippines and my audiences in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

At this point, I am not as much concerned about it.  As it has been said often enough, “Build it and they will come”.

My blog is up for a major re-design and I am working with someone whom I hired through  He seems to be an honest guy with a lot of experience with wordpress and technical stuff like design and applications both in the front end and the back end of it all.

I have seen the prototype and I am quite pleased.  We are still working together and the unveiling will come soon enough.  We are simply going to iron a few rough edges and we will make the big reveal hopefully before Christmas.

This blog will now become my journal of sorts.  Ano ba ang dapat kong kalikutin sa buhay ko para malaman ninyo na tao din ako.  May damdamin, may puso, may inis at galit, may kaaway, may mga kaibigan at marunong ding tumulong sa mga nangangailangan?  I will use it as a platform to help inspire people to strive better in whatever they do and whatever they hope to become.

I am a gay man so do not be surprised if I post certain issues that concern the LGBT community.  It is a part of my life and it will always be a cause that I am prepared to speak about and discuss with others.  I also love entertainment and entertainers.  I enjoy movies like everyone else so I may be inclined to speak about those.  I love reading books (which varies through a wide range of selections) and I’m willing to suggest books that you may be interested to read as well.

I LOVE FOOD!  I enjoy food as much as the next person but since I am a blogger, I enjoy posting photos of it as well. Mas masarap mang-inggit paminsan minsan.  LOL!

And the very thing that I love most in my life is my ability to travel.  I want to share my travels with you.  I want to share photos of hotels, places, wonders of the world and street people.  When I travel, the people who interest me the most are the regular people who live the life that we do.  They shop, they cook, they eat, and they laugh.  I want to capture those and share them with you too.

With that said, I hope that you will await the re-branding of my blog and also hope that you will share whatever it is that is going through my head.  Sigawan ninyo ako paminsan minsan kung aanga-anga ako sa mga pinagsasasabi ko.  And I welcome your opinions specially kung out of line ako.

Until then mga kabayan, welcome to my personal blog.

Chuva Chienes

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