All Sex and and City’d Out! How about Six in the City? Are you ready?

I told you guys!  My blog will return back into a more personal one as time goes on.  The complete re-design of the blog isn’t quite there yet because there’s a lot of data that has to be integrated into the new design and by the way, I hope that I don’t get sued for admiring one of the blog layouts I have been envying since its inception which I have asked my developer to use for my new blog.

Yup!  That’s it, I said it.  I just felt that it’s time for me to garner the unique visitors I want to read my blog because I genuinely write the posts from within and not some re-phrased words from entertainment blogs that exists out there.  That’s not why I started a blog in the first place.  I didn’t start a blog to write about celebrities.  I started a blog to share what I feel to those who seem to care.

Two weeks ago, just before I went under the knife, I had dinner with a few friends at Mixto in Philadelphia.  It was a mixture of friends whom I haven’t hung out with since who knows when.  But they are dear friends nonetheless and I really enjoyed my time with them.  The dinner, the gossips, the works!  It’s all part of the “get together” isn’t it? The best part?  Someone footed the bill in the end because it’s his birthday.  Thank you very much!  I was privileged to have been invited to the dinner.  Now, I feel that I belong again.

One of the topics of conversation was that a revival of a group that existed in years past called “Six in the City”.  It was a group of six friends who gathered together every other Saturday or so and tried out new restaurants in Philadelphia.  I thought that it was a brilliant idea!  Prior to my surgery, I had uncovered the collector’s set of Sex and the City that I bought years ago in my attic.  I had reserved it for a time when I can get some time off and decide to do nothing and watch the full set.  Perfect union!  My turn to see the complete episodes of Sex and the City and the revival of Six in the City in two weeks time.

A couple of friends who will be part of the six people in the group just arrived from a whirlwind trip to China.  They visited Beijing and posted photos on Facebook when they conquered the climb to the Great Wall of China.  I was jealous of course but a bucket list is a bucket list.  Unfortunately, mine remains in the bucket.

Now that they’re back, it’s time to plan the restaurant we should try during our first Six in the City dinner.  Most of them have been to places I haven’t been to but I think a great start would be Smokin’ Betty’s located on 11th Street.  It was were I first had my turducken burger and it was fabulous.

I am on season 2 of Sex and the City and the site of them talking about their sex lives and relationships over lunch or dinner inspired me even more to take on this not-so-new revival and blog about it.  I would probably have to substitute their names to something else first so that I can anonymously relay their stories regardless of how personal they are.

Besides, I’m all Sex and the City’d out already and it’s time to get real.

Six in the City – – here we come!!  First stop?

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