Yes folks! Today is the “Big Reveal”. Welcome to my new blog!

It was a long time coming.  I was getting tired of the old look that my blog had and I figured, why not have it re-designed?

I was reaching out to other blogger friends that I had once upon a time because I am not a technical person.  I can click and adjust widgets, know a few basic HTML codes and that’s about it.  Reading “if else”, “then”, whatever is not my thing.  But those friends are long gone.  Either they’re too busy or they have other pressing things in life.   Okay by me – no harm done.  But I seriously needed to change the look of my blog, otherwise I would go insane.

So, I decided to search for a way to find one.  Someone who would help me redesign my blog with my specifications for a set price.  The way I found the resource would surprise any of you and if you ask me, I will use the same method all over again.

I posted the job on the site, received eleven applicants for the job.  I looked at their expertise, their portfolios, exchanged emails back and forth – until I found the right person.  My choice was the right choice.   This guy was patient, kind, understanding, listened intently to my needs and delivered the product faster than I could have imagined.  If you need anyone to help you out, contact me and I will refer him to you.

For now, it’s time to decide what to write on my new blog.  Should I stay as a celebrity / gossip blogger with intermittent personal posts or should I completely bare my soul for the everyone to see what I think of the world and how it affects me.  I’m even unsure whether I should be brutally honest or hide a few things to keep for myself.  I’m sure all of that will come in time and when it does, I hope that YOU, my readers – will continue to follow me as I take my journey one step at a time.

Cheers and have a great weekend folks!


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