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Guess who’s going to Vegas for Ms. Universe this month? Live Stream Feed.

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Filipinos are known for their full and total support for their Miss Universe candidate year after year.

Our contestant this year who would be competing for the crown is Janine Tugonon.  Here’s a little of Janine’s background from the Miss Universe website.

Janine Tugonon was raised in the Bataan Province, where she grew up with her mother, sister and grandparents. She spent her childhood going to the farm with her mother and the markets with her grandmother. An adventurous spirit, Janine enjoys hiking and climbing mountains. She also loves to travel and cook classic Filipino dishes. Janine is an avid trader, and one day hopes to work as a social entrepreneur .

I have friend who can name the winners of the Miss Universe Pageant from 1969 including the First Runner-up.  That’s impressive!  And I have another friend who has been following the Miss Universe Pageant (attends the actual competition) for about 10 years now I believe.  It doesn’t matter where in the world the pageant is held, he is going to be there.  We have only had two Filipino women who conquered and took the Miss Universe title home.  One aas Miss Gloria Diaz in 1969, and the other was Miss Margarita Moran in 1973.  It had been near misses since then.

This year, the pageant will be held in Las Vegas.  It would be easy for any Pinoy in the US to attend the event if they really want to.  It’s only a plane fare away.  I already know of two people attending the pageant.  Unfortunately, neither one is moi!  I have been out since my surgery and have used all my vacation and sick days for the year.  I don’t have a day to spare to attend the pageant.

The worst thing is that one of the two friends is a flight attendant, and a BFF of yours truly!  That means that the plane fare doesn’t even matter.  All I have to say is yes and  will be on the flight with him on the way to Vegas on December 19th.

Since I can’t, I will provide a live blogging experience as I’ve done in the past.  The pageant will be held at the Planet Hollywood Casino & Spa in Las Vegas on December 19th.  The program will be broadcast live on NBC @ 8:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern time.

The preliminary competition will be streamed live on December 13th at 7 p.m. Pacific Time on the Miss Universe Website.  Click HERE to watch.

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