Amazing Race Winners and Team Members sends inspirational message to bullied gay teen, Colin. (PHOTOS)


There are opportunities in our lives when we are given a chance to make a difference. It could be a simple gesture and at times, things we regularly do inspire other people without you knowing that someone is watching and is moved to action.

That’s exactly what happened to the Beekman Boys after they became the winners of “Amazing Race”. They received a letter among 8000 letters of congratulations and praise that caught their eye and created a post on their website that read:

We’ve received over 8000 congratulation wishes so far, and we’ve read every single one. Going through them is like winning the race all over again. They each made us feel very special, and we thank you.

But today, we want to help someone else feel special.

Below is one of the first letters we received this week after winning the Amazing Race 21. It comes from a mother with a bullied gay son named Colin:

“I’m sure you guys are way too busy to read this, but I want you to know how inspirational you two are to my 12 year old son. He is gay and is dealing with bullying and harassment in middle school. It’s so hard to see him going through this, and sometimes the “It Gets Better” message is lost on a 12 year old who feels that middle school will never end…We cheered you on every Sunday night and agonized every time you had difficulties. My son was so incredibly thrilled when you two won last night (as was I!). Thank you for helping him see that not only DOES it get better, it gets AMAZING.”

Both of them sprung into action and asked all team members to show their support for Colin. Amazingly, all of them did.


View all photos on their website.

Sometimes, you can be amazing even if you don’t know it.  I would like to let Colin know as well – “YOU’RE AMAZING!”




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