Connecticut Elementary School shooting. 27 people killed.


As a blogger, I am subscribed to anything and everything out there.  From entertainment news, politics, sports, etc.  You name it, I got it.

The most disheartening about subscribing to anything that happens real time are moments like today when the Connecticut Elementary School Shooting hit the media.  I immediately got my notification alerts on my phone and was saddened to find out later that there were 27 fatalities and among the 27, 17 or 18 of them were children (depending on which news outlet you are subscribed to).  This is not a “SMH” moment, this is a “WTF!” moment!

I have been a blogger since 2006 and became really active in 2007.  Since then, I’ve heard shocking news after shocking news.  Since I became a celebrity blogger, the biggest moments that shocked me were the sudden deaths of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Most recently, the shocking alleged suicide of nurse Saldanha from King Edward VII Hospital in London due to her embarrassment as the nurse who answered and transferred the prank call from DJs in Australia and obtain the state of health of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.  But nothing makes me more sad when innocent lives fall victim to violence.  Many people question their faith at times like these specially when we are very close to celebrating the most joyous season of all, Christmas.  My heart goes out to the families and friends of the innocent victims.

How does one process an event like today?  The Colorado movie theater shooting?  The knife-wielding man who injured 22 students in China?  Or the Portland mall shooting?

These events make me think about my nephews and nieces who are in school.  What if…? God forbid!

I know that I live in a country where the Constitution, as part of the Bill of Rights, gives us the right to bear arms for our own safety.  I’m no expert in constitutions and country laws about firearms but Wikipedia definitely suggests that other countries provide this right as well.  Some laws are more stringent than others but they do provide the right.

I just received an alert on my phone again as an update.  One of the parents of the alleged Connecticut elementary school shooter was found dead at a home in New Jersey.  This news just doesn’t get any better.

I think I’m going to light a candle for the victims of this tragedy when I go to mass this Sunday.  That’s the only thing I can do.


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