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I forgot to light a candle for the shooting victims in Connecticut when I went to church this morning. I did offer a prayer for their souls and prayed for comfort to their families and friends.

I’ve seen many images pop-up on Facebook and blog sites. Major news networks showing the faces of the kids who perished including their teachers. It’s heartbreaking. I can’t look at another one or read another story because it truly breaks my heart to read them.

As I was coming home from church, I called a friend of mine who was working today. It’s a slow day at work for him during Sundays and he told me that he was reading stories about the children as well. He told me a story about one victim, a little girl who begged her mom asking if she could wear the Christmas dress she is to wear on Christmas Day to school. Her parents wouldn’t allow her to wear the dress until Friday, her mom finally agreed. That was the last time she saw her daughter alive.

I stopped looking at websites and news sources. I have no words to say about this horrific tragedy. I am mad. I am mad that something like this could happen anywhere today. I am mad that most of the victims are innocent children who have yet to experience what life is all about. I am mad because the pain and suffering that their families are about to go through cannot be undone. Some of the kids probably have their gifts already waiting under the Christmas tree for them to open on Christmas morning.

I am however glad to see photos of the heroes. The teachers who sacrificed their lives to protect the children. I am glad to see photos of teachers who survived after putting their lives at risk to ensure the children’s safety. I want to give them a big hug. I want them to be blessed.

For now, I am drained. I can’t even log into my Facebook account without feeling sad for these children. As friends post beautiful pictures of their Christmas decorations and Christmas trees, all that comes to mind are the children from that Connecticut school and their families.

I wanna see more of these pictures. Pictures of people like teacher Kaitlin Roig and Victoria Soto.  They are true heroes.



My thoughts and prayers to the victim’s families and friends.

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