Bitter Mary: Party of One!


Alright! I’ve held off as much as I could and pretended to be a good sport right after the Miss Universe Pageant was aired. Miss USA won the pageant. Miss Philippines-Universe Janine Tugonon placed 1st runner up. Period.

Nope! Hold on a second. Period? No, no, no, no, no! Miss Philippines, in my opinion – totally deserved the crown. Nothing against Miss USA but Janine Tugonon performed so well in every aspect of the pageant. I noticed as well that they were no scores flashed across the screen as they walked in their swimsuits and gowns. What’s up with that? Was that so that we can’t calculate the scores ourselves?

One FB friend posted, “Always the bridesmaid…never the bride.”

Another posted, “Kitchenomics!” (Luto!)

Luto or not, I was totally shocked as I was live-blogging the event. During the final announcement, I had already placed Philippines as the title holder and pointed my cursor to UPDATE the post and show the winner. That all changed. When I heard “Miss USA” as the new Miss Universe, I was devastated. I had to take Philippines off and replace it with USA. That simple change was unbearable.

I had to write about this experience because it will haunt me until I’ve voiced it out. It was totally unfair. Let me close in the words of Chris Chambers from Hecklespray, “At first, it may seem suspicious that a competition being held in America, with predominantly American judges, and owned by an American and a U.S.-based corporation, would crown an American winner (one of the judges is even a former Miss Rhode Island, just like this year’s winner), but rest assured, Donald Trump says that it’s fair … and that’s all the proof anyone should need.”

Okay, now makaka-move on na ko!

Congrats pa rin sa ‘yo Janine Tugonon!!  Our own Miss Universe!!

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