Christmas in the Philippines.


I only spent 15 Christmases in the Philippines.  I could remember 9 of it since the first Christmas I can remember was when I was six years old.  Why only 9?  Because one year, I spent Christmas in Rhode Island with my mom and my sister, and spent one on the plane on my way to migrate to the United States.  I have never been back for Christmas since then.  I have only been back to the Philippines three times since I left and it’s during off-peak season (mura pamasahe!).  To put it mildly, I really miss Christmas in the Philippines.

So when GRNMNGO sent me this video, I thought it was cute to share with you.  I miss wearing “tsinelas” and caroling with my friends with hand-made drums from empty tin cans with plastic wrapped around with rubber bands on it, or the mock tambourine using flattened soda bottle caps held together using wire hangers.  It was a family event as well.  Noche Buena is one time when my mom demands that everyone be present at home to give thanks for our blessings and be together as a family.  I miss going to my aunts and uncles, “ninongs” and “ninangs” to claim my “cash” gifts on Christmas Day

If you are an OFW and couldn’t afford to spend the thousands of dollars for airfare, or doesn’t have enough vacation time to go home and spend Christmas with your family – there’s always Skype and Facebook Video.

Here in the US, Christmas is so different.  It’s hard to get in the spirit of Christmas because everyone is busy.  Getting together with family requires a party planner just to make sure everyone takes the day off and sit down to have dinner.  Major planning and advance notice must be given in order to have one successful get-together during the holidays.  And one little misstep could end up in major drama as well.

Next year, my wish may just come true.  I have a wedding to attend to on December 28th 2013.  We shall see.

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