It must have taken a while for me to feel the Christmas spirit this year.  You may remember that last year, I was stuck at home by myself on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because I had undergone a major surgery which prevented me from visiting my family over the holidays.

This year, I had undergone another surgery which kept me in bed for three weeks, suffering from the pain.  I recently started feeling better, had not had the chance to decorate for Christmas or shop for Christmas gifts.  Since I am not 100% there yet, I cannot drive long hours to be with my family.  It will take me three hours to get to Maryland and three and a half hours to get to New York where my families reside.  I am located in the middle and the only one who lives more than a few miles from any of my siblings.

Then, as I sat home tonight, while doing my laundry and watching a bit of television, I caught some of Michael Bublé’s Home for the Holidays Special on NBC.  One song that he sang with Blake Shelton made me realize how important my family is to me.  I suddenly wanted to spend Christmas with them.   The song, introduced to me by Reyna Elena made me want to take the chance and drive to be with my family.

My friends, if you are with your family right now as Christmas approaches, be glad.  Give thanks and be grateful.  Those people in your family whom you fight with once in a while and annoy the heck out of you at times, are the real people who loves you unconditionally.  And if you are away from home, I know exactly how you feel.

On that note, let’s enjoy Michael Bublé and make our wish:

Now, don’t you just wish you can go home? I do. 🙂

Have a great holiday wherever you may be.


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