BWAKAW – Official Entry for the Oscars – Philippines (VIDEO)


I haven’t seen this film yet but it looks promising.  It’s the film chosen as Philippines’ official entry for the Oscars for Best Foreign Language Feature film.

The storyline posted on Wikipedia gives away the whole plot without any surprises.  Having dogs of my own, and being a gay man must have been the reason why I want to see the film.   Eddie Garcia is an amazing actor and could easily tug on your heart strings when it comes to dramatic performances.  He could also tickle your funny bone with his vast comedic role experiences.

Lately, I found from conversations with friends that we are starting to worry about our twilight years.  Retirement funds, wills, and healthcare coverage.  What does a single gay man in his twilight years do?  Sit and wait until he dies?

This is what is heartwarming about this film. The interaction between man and his dog. I’m sure that many in Hollywood would identify with the character and hopefully give it a chance this year to win the coveted award. It currently ranks among the Top 10 films from’s prediction on who will win in this category on the 85th Academy Awards. If it makes it as a nominee for the category, the Philippines will have a chance at its first ever Academy Award (God-willing!).


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