Miss Universe. Chika!


They always say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

Well, this time… not so much. May chika ako sa inyong lahat.

As you know, I have connections. These connections work hard to provide us with the latest gossip in the entertainment world. The most recent one being the Miss Universe Pageant 2012 in Las Vegas.

The pageant was attended by two of the previous Bb. Pilipinas Universe: Miss Venus Raj and Miss Shamcey Supsup to provide support to the current Bb. Pilipinas Univers 2012, Janine Tugonon.

I heard from the ground that Miss Venus Raj is the most down-to-earth, “super bait”, and accommodating among the three beauty queens. They had nothing but praises for her. They told me that the elderly Filipinos in Vegas wished to have their photos taken with Venus and she was very quick to oblige, even holding the faces of “lolas” and thanking them for their support. That’s a real beauty queen.

Pero, heto ang chika. They wouldn’t say the same for Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2011, Miss Shamcey Supsup. There were reports that she was very “mailap” and couldn’t be bothered by Filipinos supporting the pageant for a meet and greet. At one point, a banquet hall filled with Filipinos waiting to have their photos taken with the beauty queens were surprised to see Shamcey when the door opened but when she saw the eager fans inside, she quickly turned around and left. There was also an instant when a fan asked to be photographed with Shamcey and her boyfriend but the first photo didn’t turn out right so the fan asked to see if they could take another photo. Reports say that Shamcey rolled her eyes as if it was an inconvenience for them. Words ng mga witness sa attitude ni Miss Shamcey Supsup: “Ang arte!”

Totoo man o hindi, I think that our beauty queens are beautiful and deserve the following and support of fellow Filipinos. Pero, when it comes to photo sessions, sana naman maging accommodating kayo because these are the people who supported you. The least thing you can do is allow them to have the chance to have photos taken with you without hassle. I understand that we could be busy at times and your fans understand that too. All you need to say is “Pasensiya na po dahil nagmamadali ako.” or “Paumanhin na po dahil late na ko sa appointment ko.” and I’m sure they will understand and let you go on your way.

But to roll your eyes and show your that you are repulsed or annoyed is kind of tacky. You became a celebrity because of your fans and to deny them that opportunity is a bit heartless in my opinion.

Kaya pakiusap lang po sa mga celebs… give time naman po. Kasi bigla kayong ma chi-chika sa mga blogs tulad ng blog na ‘to. CHOZ!!

Yun lang pow!


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5 Comments on "Miss Universe. Chika!"

  1. Minsan lumalaki ulo ng mga celebrities kapag sumikat na. Di ba si Paulo Avelino rin lumaki na ulo?

  2. ay, turn off ako kay Shamcey. mayabang pala siya!

  3. Go Venus Raj! We love you!! Ikaw maganda na mabait pa!

  4. sino naman ang source mo Chuva? totoo ba yan?

  5. chuvachienes | December 26, 2012 at 2:00 pm |

    Opo naman. Reliable po ang sources ko. 🙂

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