It was an expensive evening for me last Saturday. I met friends in the city to celebrate a birthday party. We had lots of fun and the night of fun turned into a nightmare.

While walking back to our car, I was cornered by someone and took everything I had in my pockets which included two Louis Vuitton wallets, 200 dollars in cash, my iPhone and credit cards.

The next morning, I called my credit card companies and reported my cards as stolen. By that point, the person had already charged several transactions using all my credit cards in the amount of $500.00 dollars. The total amount of everything (including my iPhone) would probably add up to the rank of $2,000 dollars.

The wallet pictured below was something I got for my birthday. I bought myself a present back in the Spring and only started using the wallet recently. It’s as good as new.


Lesson learned:

  • Never drink more than you can handle.
  • Never bring two Louis Vuitton wallets with you at one (I don’t know why I did but I did.)
  • Carry very little cash and just use your credit card for drinks.
  • Do not wear low-pocket jeans where someone could easily pick your pocket.
  • Limit the credit cards / debit cards you carry.  This way, you know which companies to call if your wallet is stolen.
  • Set a password to your iPhone for complete security.
  • Set your iPhone to self-destruct and remove all information of the password entered is incorrect (10 times)
  • Immediately change all passwords to any apps loaded on your iPhone before your identity is stolen.  (Thank God my driver’s license was left behind!)
  • If you own an iPhone, register it via iCloud so you have a way of remotely erasing all data from your phone.
  • Always secure your iPhone and not display that you have one specially at night.  (iPhone 5 is long and it sticks out through my pant pocket)

I went to AT&T store the next day to report my iPhone as stolen.  Since I recently upgraded, it would cost me the retail price of an iPhone 5 to replace my lost phone and I didn’t have insurance on it.  I didn’t realize that it is about $649.00 to buy one at retail.  AT&T was very helpful to me though and allowed me to get a new iPhone for less.

2012 is only a few hours away before it is totally over.  I couldn’t say that I didn’t have a great year cause I did.  I only wanted to wipe out the memory of last Saturday night.  However, to sum it all up – it could have been worse.  Like my friend told me, all those things can be replaced and you can earn the money lost.  Your life and health cannot be replaced.  Touché!

On that note, I will welcome 2013 with open arms!  Life has been good to me and blessings abound so there’s really no point in crying over spilled milk.

I wish you all the best in 2013!  Remember the lessons.  Have a safe and happy new year folks!


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