Downton Abbey Premiere – Where were you? (VIDEO)


If you were not sitting still on your couch or bed for two hours last night, watching the premiere of “Downton Abbey – Season 3” on PBS, you just missed out the greatest (commercial-free) premiere of all time.

I waited patiently until the clock struck 9:00 p.m. last night to watch PBS’ most successful show in its 40-year history. Downton Abbey is a ratings gold for the publicly-supported network and it proved to be successful in other parts of the world like Singapore, Brazil, Denmark, and of course – North America.

The fashion, the intrigues, the witty comments of Violet – The Dowager Countess of Grantham like “Nothing succeeds like excess!”, and Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary Grantham’s wedding were enough to keep me still for two hours without going to the bathroom.

So, if you did watch, how would you rate the premiere? I give it a 5-star rating. In case you missed it, you may be able to watch the episode via

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