Sharon Cuneta bumped off by Willie Revillame from Delta Studio?


Whatever happened to my megastar Sharon Cuneta?  She used to be the most-coveted star, being touted to star in films because of a sure blockbuster guarantee and a platinum endorser for products sought by major corporations.  Has the star lost its twinkle?

Since her move to TV5, her exposure internationally has dwindled.  You only hear about her these days when she’s in a Twitter war with any of her haters.  Could her move to TV5 be something that has made her star lose its shine?

Most recently,  Emirates 24/7 reports that Willie Revillame‘s show has bumped Sharon Cuneta from Delta Studio where taping of “Sharon: Kasama Mo Kapatid”, was being taped simply because Willie’s show is the network’s bread and butter.

It said:

The reason: the network being chaired by businessman Manuel V Pangilinan is making way for its alleged cash-cow, Willie Revillame, who will now use the Delta Studio for his new noontime show. He is also the host of ‘Will Time, Big Time’, a variety show shown on the same network every early evening. This show will fold up once the new one gets aired.

Slated for daily airing starting from January 26, Revillame’s new show, titled ‘Wowillie’, is being touted by its home network to give GMA-7’s ‘Eat Bulaga!’, the country’s longest-running and most successful noontime variety show, a run for its money.

I haven’t heard of any movie in the works for the megastar, or any new shows that guarantee her continued exposure.

If she had stayed with ABS-CBN, would it have mattered?

What do you think?

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